Yigit Erkut



Washington, D.C.
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P: +1 202.478.4939

MBA, George Washington University, Finance, and Business Analytics, 2017

MS, Bogazici University, Fuel and Energy Technologies, 2014

BS, Bogazici University, Chemical Engineering, 2011

Yigit, phonetically Yeet, is an Associate at Sustainable Capital Advisors. His work includes creating advanced financial models for clean energy and sustainable infrastructure projects with sensitivity analyses, framing market expansion strategies for innovative and emerging technologies, and providing on-going support to the CEO during the structuring and negotiating phases of transactions. Mr. Erkut has created investor presentations for clients, and gathered and visualized data related to clean energy technologies, such as waste-to-energy (WtE) and floating-photovoltaic (F/PV) systems. Yigit is resourceful and willing to improve his skillset constantly. As a big believer in the power of ‘recombinant innovation,’ he will stay committed to identifying trends and unlocking the opportunities for the clients by assessing different technologies together.

Selected Experience

  • Data Analysis: Completed a consulting abroad project for a South-African FinTech 100 company to improve their business strategy by identifying key metrics in their products and services, and recommending improved methods of data collection to target customers effectively.
  • Executive Communications: Assisted with planning and hosting private and public events, such as the US Launch of BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2016, and Post-Brexit the UK-EU Energy and Climate Relations. Created minimum ten tweets per day for the Energy Center’s Twitter account.
  • Operations and Project Management: While top stakeholder Turkish Airlines was experiencing rapid growth exceeding world averages, started and completed 25 major aviation fuel supply terminals on schedule, enabling expanded operations while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency. Also, calculated company-wide carbon emissions and received ISO 14064 certification.
  • Trade Finance: Explored the business landscape and competitive forces in Singapore’s bunker fuel market using multiple commodity exchange platforms. Prepared invoices and executed bunker purchase agreements and closed deals with intermediary financial institutions and clearing houses.


Why did you join SCA?

  • First and foremost, SCA welcomes all individuals regardless of differences in backgrounds. As an individual thriving on cultural diversity and in a multicultural setting, I could not have asked for a more inclusive place than SCA to gain the skill set required for the energy professional I have always wanted to become. Similarly, the solutions provided for our clients are not bounded with constraints either. For this reason, there is always time to think outside of the box which naturally occurs in our discussions.

What is the most interesting project you’ve done?

  • I had the opportunity to collect the water reservoir data, which entailed more than 88,000 entries, in the US and map them with their corresponding solar energy potentials by using advanced data visualization tools. We were able to identify suitable host water bodies for our client to make the business case for adopting innovative floating-photovoltaic systems.