SCA has organized our client activities into 6 core practice areas

Capital Formation Strategies

Whether you are at the business planning stage or seeking permanent funding to complete a project, we understand that access to capital is essential. Successfully securing capital requires three important components: strategy, relationships, and persistence. Creating and implementing a successful strategy is about curation of investors rather than compilation.


Project Advisory

Our team has proven experience in structuring complex infrastructure projects from the earliest stages of feasibility to contract negotiation and all the way through financial closing. Our primary job is to work beside you to develop solutions that optimize the cost, flexibility and availability of capital for your projects.



The world is changing, which creates opportunities to be taken and risks to be managed. Solving complex business problems requires careful analysis: we provide end-to-end custom research, advisory and networking services to help our clients understand and navigate their business challenges.



Powerful new ideas challenge the status quo. As experienced professionals – energy, financial, and policy – we are keenly aware of the obstacles, challenges, and pitfalls associated with innovative solutions. Our job is to navigate you through the landscape of innovation. Our experience-based advice helps you save time, money and aggravation.


Public-Private Partnerships (P3's)

P3’s use the strengths of government and business to construct projects, operate systems, and create jobs to achieve peak performance by letting each sector do what it does best. We are experienced advisors who can facilitate development and improvement of the long-term relationships required to successfully deliver P3 projects.


Municipal Advisory

As registered municipal advisors, we offer an experienced and independent voice. Everyday, state and local governments manage financial assets and oversee the financial health of our communities. Our job is to navigate clients through complex decisions including: new issuance, refinancing, debt restructure, general financial analysis and risk management.


Utility Services

In a shifting market, utilities are now positioned to lead and expand the array of services to its customers. Our job is to help you navigate the rapidly evolving financial and policy landscape of sustainable energy in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable generation, community energy and clean transportation.