Trenton Allen


Managing Director and CEO

Washington DC

Email me

P: + 1 202.741.9391

M: + 1.215.850.4768


BA, Harvard College, Chemistry 1998

Leadership and Affiliations:
  • Clean Energy for Biden, Executive Committee (Present)
  • PACENation, Board member (Present)
  • CleanEnergyWorks, Board member (Present)
  • Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Board member (Present)
  • NYSERDA’s Good Job/Green Job Advisory Board (2011-2012)
  • US DOE Energy Efficiency Finance Solution Working Group (2011-2013)
  • Cleantech Open, Mentor (2013-2015)
  • Founder, Katalusis Foundation (2005-2009)

Mr. Allen is an experienced energy and banking professional with nearly 20 years and $18 Billion in transaction experience. Mr. Allen has financed a wide range of infrastructure projects including, water, wastewater, energy efficiency, fossil and renewable energy for utility, business and governmental clients. Mr. Allen is a frequent speaker at major energy conferences and is widely regarded as a thought leader in the financing of clean energy projects. Mr. Allen is passionate about energy security and creating solutions that provide energy access to underserved communities around the world.

Selected Experience

  • Community Solar: Developed a financial structure that utilizes traditional solar ppa structure with an innovative credit enhancement feature to expand participation to low and moderate income communities. Developed the legal, financial and incentive framework for the structure along with leading investor outreach.
  • Energy Efficiency Revenue Bonds. Successfully led the inaugural $67 million bond financing for the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility. The financing utilized an innovative structure that combined a state intercept structure with guaranteed energy performance contracts and received bond ratings of AA+/ Aa2 (S&P/Moody’s).
  • Waste to Energy. Developed a corporate and project finance structure to implement projects in North America and Middle East. Responsible for developing financial model and engaging potential investors for participation.
  • PACE/QECBS: Evaluated opportunities to utilize various structures to finance business opportunities for the commercial and industrial sector.
  • Sustainable Energy Finance. Since 2013, taught a graduate level course at the University of Delaware, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy. The course covers financing structures and strategies utilized in developing domestic and international sustainable energy projects, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and energy efficiency.


Why did you join SCA?

  • I founded SCA to develop and implement new ideas that accelerate sustainable infrastructure opportunities for our clients regardless of technology and/or region. At SCA, we are not bound by any particular solution or financial product but are free to be creative in search of solutions that meet our client’s needs, ultimately yielding results.

What is the most interesting project you’ve done? 

  • The $67mm tax-exempt energy efficiency revenue bond financing for the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility that will provide over the $120mm in energy savings throughout the life of the financing.   While the results are important, I enjoyed working with a client from initial concept to closing and then seeing the reception from organizations around the globe looking to implement similar programs or approaches.