Richenda Van Leeuwen

Former Head of Energy Access, United Nations Foundation

Richenda Van Leeuwen is a global executive with over 25 years of international executive management experience. She founded and led the UN Foundation’s (UNF’s) work on energy access and its engagement with the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Initiative. A globally recognized expert on energy access, she built a network of enterprises delivering developing country clean power solutions rapidly from its launch in 2011 to a global network of over 2,300 members driving market-led finance and policy solutions for energy access in developing countries. In particular it focused on helping to connect companies to capital, and addressing the issues required to help the sector scale.

She joined UNF in 2010 from Good Energies, a global renewable energy private equity firm where she led emerging markets renewable energy investments. She was also a founding board member of the Good Energies Foundation, focused on impact investing in renewable energy solutions for energy access and sustainable development. Previously she spent nearly five years as CEO of Trickle Up, an international microenterprise development NGO focused on equity and training for women micro-entrepreneurs across the developing world.

A sought out global speaker on energy access, gender development and poverty issues, her career has spanned work on four continents.

Richenda currently provides advisory services to a range of energy companies and initiatives, and serves on the board of SELCO India, a leading Indian renewable energy social enterprise. She is a founding American women’s “Clean Energy Ambassador” within the Clean Energy Ministerial’s C3E initiative, was a co-chair of high level technical committee for the World Bank Climate Investment Fund’s “Scaling Up Renewable Energy” program, and is on the advisory boards of a number of enterprises delivering clean energy services in Asia, Africa and the Americas, including the Caribbean.

She gained her Bachelors and MBA degrees from Durham University, UK.

You can follow her on Twitter: @VanLeeuwenR