Dr. Robert Do

CEO, Solena Group

Dr. Do is the Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Solena Group Inc., a sustainable energy company developing proprietary Integrated Waste Gasification to Liquid (“IWGTL”) and Waste to Bio Power facilities around the world. Dr. Do is the author and inventor of the company’s proprietary technology. Dr. Do led the efforts in creating a partnership with British Airways to build the world’s first facility (Green Sky London) to convert landfill waste into jet fuel. British Airways has made a long-term commitment to purchase all the jet fuel produced at market competitive rates. Green Sky London is one of many projects that Dr. Do has catapulted to offer an end to end solution to major airlines and end users using Solena proprietary technology as the key enabler.

Dr. Do has earned his Master Degree in Bio-Physics and his Doctorate in Medicine from Georgetown University, and is an expert in environmental and forensic medicine as well as a specialist in bio energy and environmental toxicity.  He is the Co-Inventor of the Solena technology with patents issued worldwide under the Patent Cooperative Treaty (PTC). Dr. Do has been advocating the uses of bio energy for the reduction of greenhouse gases to combat climate changes and has been lecturing extensively in the US, Europe, and worldwide on the importance of alternative renewable energy. Dr. Do is a Co-Chair for the Transportation Initiative of the American Council on Renewable Energy, a member of the AMA, a Diplomate of the American College of Forensic Examiner, a member of the National Sciences Council for Science and the Environment and a member of the Nationals Who’s Who of Registered Executives and Professionals. He is also founder of the Green Cup, a non-profit charity polo event held annually in DC for the benefit of the environment.