Committed to positively impacting our environment, economy, and society


As we work toward a sustainable world, we are committed to doing our part as good environmental stewards. On a day-to-day basis this means that we take the following actions – big and small – to reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint:



Using hybrid taxis and rental cars



Using recycled paper, double-sided printing, and paperless presentations


Video conferencing to reduce travel



Web hosting services powered by 100% solar energy


A large part of establishing a more sustainable world is ensuring that more people have access to resources that promote economic opportunities. Through volunteerism and financial support, we engage in tangible ways to improve the lives of people in our local and international communities.

In 2015, we committed to donate 1% of our gross revenues to support organizations in communities we actively serve – domestically and internationally. To date, we have provided support to the following organizations:


SCA is a minority-owned business and strongly committed to issues of diversity. To us, diversity is less about a certification and more about our vision of how we relate and interact to the broader world.

What Diversity Means to SCA

We believe in treating all people with respect and dignity. We strive to create and foster a supportive and understanding environment in which all individuals can realize their maximum potential, regardless of differences.


What Our Diversity Means for You

Our business success is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people. We believe that the wide array of perspectives that results from our diversity promotes innovation and business success. Managing diversity makes us more creative, flexible, productive, competitive, and effective in meeting your demands in a rapidly evolving world.